Dr. Bomi joseph

Dr. Bomi Joseph has dedicated his career to finding alternatives to medical establishments and pharmaceutical drugs. He is at the forefront of the bio-hacking movement and since 1984 he has been promoting the medicinal properties of plants and trying to lessen the public’s dependence on pharmaceuticals. As a self-proclaimed “anti-doctor,” Dr. Bomi Joseph believes that we do not have a healthcare industry. Instead, he believes we have a large and inefficient “disease care” industry. He encourages his patients and the public to take control of their own health.

Recent News Features

Dr. Bomi Joseph is proud to announce Alexandrea Neuwirth, as the winner of the Academic Scholarship Program and recipient of $1,500 USD.

I have always seen health as the opposite of disease. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to fall sick. You are either on the health curve going up, or the disease curve going down. There is no …

Dr bomi joseph

Many people find it difficult to maintain proper health. There are problems all around us, from improper eating habits to a lack of exercise. Overuse of medications can also damage your health, …

Dr bomi joseph

I come from a family of doctors. My brother is a neurosurgeon. I have always known that doctors study and treat disease. I have eternally been fascinated with health—which is the opposite of disease. I have …

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