Dr. Bomi Joseph
Healthcare Scholarship

First Year Students At a Post-Secondary Institution

International Applicants Accepted

Students Must Be Pursuing a Healthcare or Medical Degree

Each quarter, the Dr. Bomi Joseph Spring Scholarship will present one deserving healthcare major with a scholarship of $1,500 USD. 

The winter deadline for applicants is Sunday, January 31st, 2021.

The Power of Scholarships

At times, it can be difficult for students to stay focused on their studies. Students may be especially distracted if they are concerned about financial challenges. Many students both work and attend school full time, which can negatively impact their grades and even affect their health and well being.

As an accomplished healthcare professional, Dr. Bomi Joseph understands that post-secondary students may put their health on the back burner to finance their education. As a result, he launched the Dr. Bomi Joseph Scholarship Program to help post-secondary medical/healthcare students achieve their academic goals.

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, applicants are required to submit proof of their enrollment and an essay. To learn more about eligibility, please visit the Terms & Conditions page.

"Plan, execute and re-evaluate- over and over again. Be a bull when you are on the correct track and a butterfly when you have to nimbly transition. Wisdom is being honest with yourself and knowing when to be a bull and when to be a butterfly."

Dr. Bomi Joseph

Dr. joseph

Dr. Bomi Joseph

Since the age of 7, Dr. Joseph has been learning about the medical properties of plants and the various extraction techniques. His Uncle, Douglas Johnson, inspired him to continue his education in this area, leading him to pursue a career in endohealth research. Since 1984, Dr. Joseph has focused on promoting the medicinal properties of plants in hopes of lessening the public’s dependence on pharmaceuticals.

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