Dr. Bomi Joseph Scholarship

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2021 Scholarship Winners 

Kiersten Cheung of UC Irvine School of Medicine in Irvine, California is the winner of the Winter 2021 Dr. Bomi Joseph Healthcare Scholarship. Kiersten is pursuing her career as an Integrative Medicine physician to patients. She recognizes that natural remedies can be a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical drugs in treating degenerative diseases.  As a first-generation Asian-American, Kiersten actively helps bridge the cultural divide between elderly Asian immigrants and their integration into American society. She has volunteered as an interpreter at the Paul Hom Asian Clinic. Kiersten is a deserving candidate for this award because she continues Dr. Joseph’s mission of making pharmacognosy a mainstay of Integrative Medicine.

2020 Scholarship Winners

Hallie Schmitt of Schreiner University in Texas is the winner of the Fall 2020 Dr. Bomi Joseph Scholarship for $1500 USD. Hallie is a first-year nursing student, softball coach & player, Dean’s List regular, and an active volunteer.  Hallie’s career goal is to become a nurse specializing in pediatric cancer. This job requires an exceptionally strong and compassionate person, and we believe Hallie will be one of the very best!

Charlotte Cheng of John Hopkins University is the winner of the Summer 2020 Dr. Bomi Joseph Scholarship for $1500 USD. Charlotte is studying biomedical engineering such as genetic “cell therapy” that could one day help cure diabetes.  She was also selected to be part of the Pediafeed program to develop a safer feeding tube for infants born with disabilities. We support you 100%, Charlotte!

Erik Maradiaga of Howard University College of Medicine is the winner of the Spring 2020 Dr. Bomi Joseph Scholarship for $1500 USD. Erik learned the value of having a good work ethic and being of service to others at a young age from his parents. He is currently putting all his ambition into attending medical school with the goal of becoming a physician!

2019 Scholarship Winners

Alexandrea Neuwirth of San Diego Mesa College is the winner of the Fall 2019 Dr. Bomi Joseph Scholarship for $1500 USD. Alexandrea is pursuing a career as a physical therapist in order to help people regain mobility — and reclaim their ability to live & enjoy life — through movement and exercise coaching.

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